In these COVID-19 times of economic instability, social insecurity, and personal vulnerability, there is a need for a worldview that provides us with purpose and possibility. Dreams, Deeds, and Destiny does this. More than a collection of secular affirmations, meditations, and observations, in its entirety, Dreams, Deeds, and Destiny presents a day-by-day

We went to the mountaintop; nothing was there,
Save snow, ice, and wind, in the rarified air.
No god, or goddess, or other deity,
We found on the mountaintop or in the sea.

So, we traded temples for a telescope,
Giving us vision of a much greater scope.
No longer limited to the blue planet,
From out in the cosmos, we look upon it.

Had we not dreamed and done deeds, we did somehow,
We would not be living in the space age now.
With spaceships, space probes, and a space station,
We are expanding our space exploration.

As the cosmos is tilted toward success,
We tilt this way, and dreams tend to manifest.
So do not devalue your dreams or self-worth,
For you have purposes to fulfill on earth.

When you adopt this Philosophy of Hope,
With life challenges, you’ll creatively cope.
Now, tune into your intuition and see,
Your dreams and deeds co-create your destiny.

Dreams, Deeds, and Destiny is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and Thriftbooks.co

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